Aleric Thendt is a human Ranger who hails from the city of Rheimport.


Growing up as an orphan in the northern Eldenari city of Rheimport, he spent much his youth venturing beyond the city walls into the Forest of Rheim, where he gained a passing skill in tracking, hunting, and survival. When he reached adolescence, he struck out south, hoping to make a living as a border scout in the emp

loy of the Eldenari army; however, once he learned more of the causes and motivations behind the Crownwright War, he switched allegiances, covertly crossing the line of battle and enlisting as a skirmisher on the side of the rebellion. When the war eventually drew to a close, Aleric decided to continue to put his skills to use by travelling to Westengard and becoming a novitiate of the Rangers' Guild there.


Like many of the people of the Northern Reaches of Orim, Aleric is tall and lean, with a fair face, furrowed brow,  dark hair, thick stubble, and gray, deep-set eyes. His clothing is simple and utilitarian, almost bordering on the ascetic, and he keeps his hair cropped short. In battle, he prefers to wear light, flexible leather armor, which allows him to utilize the sword short he wields in his left hand in conjunction with the full blade in his right. Whether armored or not, he almost always wears the dun cloak of the Rangers’ Guild, fastened in front with a clasp shaped like the Guild’s silver seal.


Aleric is a grim, silent man who prefers observation and watchfulness to conversation and social involvement. When travelling or working with others, he often withdraws from the group to a position from which he can remain watchful at a distance. Though he pays careful attention to the words and deeds of those closest to him, he seldom comments upon them, though he may occasionally choose to act in concert or in opposition to them.

Aleric’s motivations are neither misanthropic nor philanthropic; rather, he sees freedom of choice as the highest good towards which a man can strive; the thing to which he is most strongly opposed is coercion of any sort that forces anyone into a course of action that he or she did not choose for himself. He is thus critical of both the Eldenari Empire and the High Eldenari Church , which he views as increasingly totalitarian in their dealings with most of the peoples of Orim, though he views the core of all three faiths of Eld as inherently good, provided that it are chosen by their adherents, not forced upon them.