Himani  Alanna Anorak


Himani was born as the middle  nobleman's daughter in the The Eldenari Empire. During the The Crownwright War, her father's estates waxed and waned in their prosperity, finally taking a turn for the worse.  Seizing an opportunity to save the estates, her father secretly arranged a marriage between his daughter and the Baron of whatever straits in the The Crownwright League.  While she was willing to help out the land and people she loved, when Himani found out she was to be married to an ogre of a man, she hatched a plan to run away. She knew not her destination, but did know there were many opportunities to be made for someone with as good an education as her own. Thanks to being taught by a rogue-masquerading-as-a-tutor for most of her formative years, she has a knack for picking up skills not traditionally practiced by women of her class.

Himani left her father's house for good, never intending to return. She helped herself to her dowry, to help her navigate the first few months alone. Her betrothed reported her crime and there is a warrant out for her capture.

She met Peter Goldschmidt a few months after she had been out on her own. She sought out those who cared not for nobles or their affairs,  delving into the seedy underbelly of the Eldenari Empire. She had always loved going on trips to different towns and cities as a child, and has heard whispers of Arim and is eager to explore it.


Himani has determined green eyes, which occasionally let through a glint of mischevosity. After running away, she paid to have her red hair dyed brown, which is retained through a hedgewich's spell.  (not sure if that will lead to difficulties)

Despite her noble upbringing, she prefers to wear neutral colors, and clothes without embellishments, that maximize movement and simple living.  She is 5'7", and has worked on toughening her hands and feet so they would not stand out as those of a former noblewoman's . After her father's betrayal, she tends to trust no one close to her, and

She was raised in the High Eldenari Church, but does not place a large amount of loyalty to the Orthodoxy.


Himani was raised as a noblewoman, whose polite conversations are notoriously said to be able to last until The Reaping. She is able to make polite nonsensical talk as well as take an active part in logistical and intellectual conversations. She is more observant to the nuances of conversations, and is able to pick up on proxcemics and read body and facial language very well. While she isn't particularly observant towards other signs not related to people, her observant nature allows her to