The Crownwright War (alternatively known as "The Crownwright Rebellion") was a 103-year conflict between the Eldenari Empire and the kingdoms of the Crownwright League.

The causes of the war were various, though the two major contributing factors were (1) the High Eldenari Church's declaration that the tenents of the Maker's Creed were heretical, and (2) High King Anderil II 's subsequent declaration of a crusade against the Brotherhood communions. Since the majority of the communions were located in the twelve southernmost provinces of the Empire, this latter declaration had the unintended effect of alienating those provinces, leading each in turn to declare itself independent from the rule of Eldenarium. As the Empire's military might was brought to bear on the rebels, the provinces decided to form an alliance. They named this alliance "The Crownwright League" as a token of their belief that kings are not appointed by Eld, but should rather be chosen by the people based on their virtue, strength, and wisdom. Newly united, the League was able to resist the Eldenari invasion. What resulted was a century-long stalement in which countless lives were saved and lost, cities raised and destroyed, and heroes made and slain. It was only after the decicive Battle of Archenwald, in which High Prince Anderil IV was captured and executed, that High King Anderil III agreed to legitimate the League-kingdoms' claims of independence.