Westengard Map

Map of the Town of Westengard. (Map Key: 1: The White Keep. 2: The Golden Girdle. 3: Church. 4: General Goods. 5: Arms & Armor. 6: Western. Wonders 7: The Rat Hole. 8: Rangers' Guild. 9: Militia Barracks. 10: Housing Office. 11: Stables. 12: The Setting Sun. 13: Docks. 14-19: Outlying Farms.)

Westengard is the primary Eldenari settlement on the continent of Arim. It was originally established as a forward colony during the peaceful reign of High King Anderil I, when exploration beyond the The Old World reached its peak; however, during the tumultuous reign of High King Anderil II, the settlement was overrun by a horde of native orcs and subsequently abandoned. Only after High King Anderil III's acquiesence to the Crownwright League's demands for independence at the end of the Crownwright Rebellion did Lord Damien Rand set out to reclaim and resettle the colony. Rand now rules Westengard as its governor and prince, heading the reclaimation of the surrounding territories from his seat of power in the White Keep.